Crepe_Myrtle,_Crape_Myrtle_'Pink_Lace'_(Lagerstroemia_indica)There once was a gal who had had a terrible, no good, very bad day.

Her car wouldn't start, her computer crashed, her child got sick. But when she got home, she paused outside her front door, gently gripped a tree branch there, and then stood straight again and with a glad smile strode through the front door to her family.

Her neighbor happened to be outside watering and saw the strange ritual. He had heard of her troubles and wondered how she could possibly be smiling! So when he saw her the next day he asked her.

That tree, she replied, that's my trouble tree. No matter what has happened that day, I hang my troubles on my tree to hold for me the next day, and you know, even if I decide to pick them back up, they are often far fewer than they were the night before.

I love that story because, My grandfather propagated over 30 varieties of Crepe Myrtles and named them after family and close friends. I always felt I was part tree and I often allow my negative energy and troubles to flush out to the roots where they can be recycled as mulch, but still I hold onto them sometimes.

I think I'll rely on my family and hang my troubles on my Grandmother's tree outside my front door and just see how that little shift changes my relationship w/ my family and me.

Where will you hang your troubles this evening?