does-it-unsettle-you-chairWhen you first really design the vision of the life you want
When you breathe it into technicolor
When you taste it and smell it and feel it

And then you look up at the life you are living and exclaim,
THIS is not my dream!
You are in the period of unsettling.

I've been here many times and there were times that the dream I had chosen and the life I was living were so far removed from each other (or so it seemed to me at the time), that when I looked up, I just wanted to go back to bed and throw the covers over my head!

But, each day I chose and choose to hold onto that dream one more day,
to believe one more day
to find one more action I can take that day to live into the dream,
and the old life begins to melt away as the dream begins to manifest around us.

Then one day we look up and realize we ARE living that dream and WHEN did it happen!!!
This has happened over and over for me my friend and it is happening right now for you.

Just chose to keep your dream in focus and take one more step for one more day.
Because you can see it, because you are walking towards it, your dream is already on its way.