Where are you fully committed now?

Wait! Before you answer that question, stop and open your calendar and check book.  Where are you spending your money and time?  That will tell you where you are committed.

Now, is that where you CHOOSE to be committed?

Now make a list of 5 places that YOU CHOOSE to be FULLY invested and COMMITTED!

Please excuse the use of all caps, but this is crucial. As long as you are committed where others have committed you, you will not live the lifestyle you dream of.  You have to CHOOSE and FULLY COMMIT to have that Lifestyle.

My daughter and I dream of home schooling around the world.  We want to pick up and go where we want to go. Stay as long as we want to stay and experience the world first hand.

So I only commit to a business structure that allows me to live into that Lifestyle.  I commit to DAILY ACTIONs that take me there, like building my internet business and clients.  Like downsizing the furniture and stuff until we are mobile ready. Like exploring curriculum and talking to other successful home schooling entrepreneurs.

But you have to have a dream big enough to FULLY COMMIT!

So hear is the lady that sparked this whole introspection.  Let me know what she sparks in your life.  Where will you go ALL IN?

“Get Past the Former Excuses
by Cynthia Kersey

Choose once and for all to get past all of the former excuses that stopped you from achieving your goal or dream and step into your power by saying: “This is my time, my life, my moment of truth. I will not stop until I achieve my goal!”

Realizing that being unstoppable is simply a decision that you make every day, every hour, or sometimes every minute gives you the awareness that it is a choice.

And every time you choose to honor your commitment and take a single step, you are honoring yourself and exercising your self-discipline muscle. With each step you take, that muscle will grow stronger and stronger, making it easier to bring about change in your life.

Your time is now. Make a pledge to yourself that you are fully committed to reaching your goal.”

Now, quick, before you have time to think!  Where will you FULLY COMMIT to your CHOSEN LIFESTYLE?