Family-DancingLToday our cirruculum was teaching about mediators and compromise and I turned to Kira and said, “Something is not right!”

Compromise means everyone giving up something they want to avoid conflict. Compromise means everyone is at least a little unhappy.

I believe in Win-Win. There is a way where everyone can have something they want. The vibration of the answer lives at a different frequency from the conflict, but you have everything you need to find it because everyone has come together in the question. When everyone lives together in the question, an answer can be found.

“My daughter and I love practicing Win-Win. We ask ‘How can we all win?' Often the question surprises us to an answer in a unique way we only could find by putting our heads together and having fun!

Where do you feel you are losing today? Get together with a few people involved and get committed to everyone winning. The answer may amaze you all 🙂