dreamstealersDid you know that Mickey Mouse was not Disney's first cartoon character.
Before Mickey, there was a bunny that Walt loved and breathed into life and had stolen from him by partners. He not only lost the rights to his beloved character, but his entire team as well.
On my Facebook profile I call myself an “Imagineer,” so imagine my surprise when Mary Morrissey brought up Imagineers today,
Today, you and I can remember that we are Imagineers and everything in our world was first a thought before it became a thing. We all know this. We just forget to remember how powerful it is to know this. We remember that this is an inside-out world, not an outside-in world.
Walt Disney didn't let having his dream and business stop him. On the way home from that painful meeting, he pulled out his sketch pad and Mickey Mouse was Imagined into being.
You are here with me and it is likely that, like me, you've had a dream or two stolen in your life.
What are you going to do?
You may need a time of mourning, but then I hope you look up at the sun and remember, everything is created twice. It is first a thought before it is a thing.
And you, my friend, are the great Imagineer of your life!