angel-pampas-grassYou are a World Changer with an incredible heart and vision.

I know it because I feel it. I know it because I work with world changers and world changers are drawn to work with me.

The Talmud says that each blade of grass has an angel leaning over it whispering, “Grow! Grow!”

You had a comfortable path laid out, but it was time to grow 🙂
Stretching and growing is scary by definition – you are out of your comfort zone – and a loud part of your wants to go back.

But a beautiful and divine part of you is whispering Grow Grow!
And you are ready, because because you explored who you can be with me and stared your perceived limitations right in the face.

Welcome to your new life!
I can't wait to see the change you are in the world!
The easiest way to change your life is to ask questions…
Einstein, life changing question
purpose to get awareness not answer – What