It's pretty intimidating to start from scratch. Opening up online is like opening up a new storefront in a totally new location. You have to study the geography and demographics to know how to present yourself in this new location.
Corinne and I take a look at her blank slate and how she can engage her business online and you can look over my shoulder as we – analyze the competition, include the essential elements of engagement and see if she even needs to be online at all in her industry. The answer may surprise you!
If you are wanting to take your business or services online, I suggest you set aside 50 min, grab a cup of coffee and join me as I take Corinne thru my process of helping a small-medium business owner evaluate just what it will take to engage their target clients online.



PS Corinne's mic cuts out at one point, so I repeat her questions back for the room! lol And she has a wonderful baby whom you will hear from time to time. Corinne says she loves classical music and you can hear it in her voice! And yes, a mom on maturnity leave can do this too 😉