rainbowDropA Real Decision happens WITH you, not to you.
One of my daily affirmations is that I Respond to circumstances, rather than react to them. I choose my response.
I used to say that my friend ruined my day by cancelling our appointment. I'd been planning on seeing them for weeks and looking forward to it, and they cancelled and ruined my day.
But I've learned that while Jane did cancel our lunch, she didn't choose how I chose to feel about it. She didn't choose for me to pout the rest of the day and decide to have a terrible day.
Now when that happens its like a special treat, because I know that I'll replace the lunch with something unexpected and even better. What new friend will I meet because I went to the restaurant alone?
The Real Decision did not come from Jane cancelling.
The Real Decision happened with me as I decided to open myself to see what the Universe had in-store instead.