This morning I was thinking about a piano teacher friend of mine, who instead of recitals, has piano parties 🙂  The kids have so much fun and it really expresses her relationship with them so beautifully.

Today I'm helping another friend translate their dream to online terms.  They have a dream and express it well offline, but how do you bring that dream to the world?  I find that I'm able to help them define and express what they want and then use my internet marketing expertise to bring that vision to their chosen tribe/market.

I'm a geek who speaks dream and a marketer who brings people together. lol

What makes you special?  What is that one little thing that you do differently from everyone else that somehow make it all fall into place?

Its that thing that people say – Wow John, that's neat! Or, Mary, that's what I love about you, you're always____________.

You are special and unique and are here for a reason.  Don't you think its time to own that special part of you?  😉