What Triggers Your Abundance?

Jul 23, 2013 | Dream Building

abundancetriggercoloring_zps2851ce9cI am blessed to be able to work from home and I have a sign for my door that says “Working” so that the family knows when not to disturb me. Currently that sign is on blue card stock and I was thinking that I should make a new one on green for the abundance factor.

Then it hit me… I've been conditioned that Working Triggers Abundance!

I believed it so strongly that I haven't stopped thinking about work, thinking that if I kept it on the back burner night and day, success would come faster.

And to be honest, it worked in college. I would load up my mind at night, study in my sleep and ace the test the next day

It worked, but it didn't trigger abundance. My belief in myself and my action on that belief is what made the difference. My successful frame of mind made the difference and makes it now.

In the US we have so many movies about people getting obsessed with work to the pain of their families. My daughter comes first, so for me it was to the pain of myself – my personal time and peace of mind. What these movies don't address is the underlying cause – We've been taught that Work Triggers Abundance!

My mother always said that the reward of a job well done is another job. She meant it in a good way, but it shows that what Work triggers is more Work.

So what do I CHOOSE to trigger? Love, Joy Happiness. Whatsoever things are good – I'll think on these things.

I'll still enjoy working hard in its time, but it is the Joy of the project, not the work itself that Triggers Abundance and more joy and that makes all the difference.



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