psychic-journal-with-candleToday I thought I'd share what I do with my Journal every morning and evening. My routine changes a little from time to time, but I Journal just about every day.

It's like every morning I write into being who I choose to be and every night I reaffirm it.

Daily Practice AM:
3 To Bes – 3 words for who I choose to be today
3 Things I'm Grateful for
1 Thing to Celebrate!
Then I take 3 deep breathes, read my vision statement and ask:
“Divine Spirit, what action steps can I take today that will move me in the direction of my dreams?”
I write 20, select the top 6, sort those 6 in order of importance 1-6 and then put them on my calendar.
The first 10 will be things you've thought of before, but the second 10 will be fresh ideas!

Daily Practice PM:
5 Success – Large or Small!
5 Gratitudes

I begin and end my day in Gratitude and that has made all the difference!