396 a2VybGFuX3N1bnNldC5qcGc=In Eat, Pray, Love (I love for the wordsmithing!), one of the Italian's tell Elizabeth that each city had its own word and Rome's word is SEX! lol

Just getting off the plane in San Diego, I took a deep breath of the fresh air (even at the airport!) and thought of Eat Pray Love.  The air felt full of promise for this conference I was attending (and it was life changing) and I wondered, what is San Diego's word?

So I asked the shuttle driver.  What's San Diego's Word? was a little esoteric question, so once I had explained the context, he instantly responded PARADISE!

PARADISE!  What a wonderful word and what a wonderful perspective that see's your home as PARADISE.

To me San Diego's word was PROMISE because that is what I brought with me – the PROMISE of change and transformation – and I found it.  After all, I brought it with me.

Last night I took my father to the emergency room again.  He is in chronic pain and it is hard to watch.  We are all slowly dying I suppose, but we are not all in constant pain.

It was a beautiful morning taking my daughter to school. The sun is shinning and the air is clear (for Houston!) and I thought of San Diego and the shuttle driver – PARADISE.

The question is not what is the city's word, but what is MY word, what do I bring with me and what do I choose to find?  I have chosen JOY, LOVE, PAIN, HOPE, SUFFERING, PLAY, MARTYRDOM, CREATING, PROMISE…

but today I choose to try on PARADISE 🙂  I've lived on the beach in Rockport, TX in paradise.  Today I choose to bring PARADISE back to my home – wherever I am, there is PARADISE