So, I'm re-reading ‘How to Get What You Want,' by Wallace Wattles (an out of print essay that only ONE edition of Science of Getting Rich has!) and Breakthru!

From my Journal…successbreakthruSm

For some reason, I never understood that SUCCESS = GETTING WHAT YOU WANT!

I thought that Success was a good grade or winning an achievement.  Now I may want those things, but I gain Success by getting what I want – WHATEVER I want!

That means that when I write my 5 Successes at night, that's 5 things that I got that day that I wanted.

And since the Laws of Attraction prove that I do get what I imagine – positive or negative – then even when I get the negative, if that's what I've been focusing on, that's what the Universe or God think that I want – so even that negative outcome is a Success. lol

What this means for me, is that now when something happens that is not positive, I will still own it as a Success… but I'll ask myself WHY I wanted THAT! lol

Then I'll determine what I REALLY want – and since I am succeeding in manifesting my Universe – I'll have my conscious and subconscious on board to uber-manifest.

You see, I had taken all those seemingly negative outcomes as evidence that I am not manifesting what I want, when in fact, each of those seemingly negative outcomes IS a success.  And know that I know that, I can move forward in full belief that yes indeed, I CAN SUCCEED, I am ALREADY Succeeding and that I am indeed Getting What I want.

So what are your 5 Successes today?  I'm going to come back and post mine at the end of the day 🙂

69C43D4DFD3C230FF935F9F1B60D549APS That's why there are also no wrong or bad moves. Every thought, ever action moves us to where we want to be, even if we can't see it at the time.  I AM Succeeding, even when I didn't understand it.

Perhaps that is the faith of the child.  They learn to walk.  They don't know how, but they move and move and move till they get it.  They don't wonder why or when.  They just keep moving.