FriendsLaughingWhen I was in High School I had no doubt that I could impact the world in a big way.  Then the challenges pop up – higher education, an organization that says I can make an impact but only in their way, and countless people who have given up on their dreams and so encouraged me to give up on mine so that I could be happy with less.

Slowly I gave and allowed my power to be taken away. But I rise yet again!  But this time I am not alone…

I'm part of an incredible group of people who are going to do just that and just saying so makes the hairs stand up on my head! lol

We are in the Golden Age since 12-21 and its time we act like it. This movement promises just that – a collaborative community of creativity and abundance.  And that's just what I've been praying for and manifesting and here it is.

So if I seem fired up again its because this time when I've decided to change the world, I'm sticking to it.  Already I've seen old patterns try to replay. Already that editor in the back of my mind is gibbering in fear and doubt.  Well I honor that place, but I don't give it power.

The Golden Age is here and its time I live like it!

There will be more to come – great ups and downs too – but this time we are growing in community and together we can make a difference in this world – each in our own way, but with the support of our community.

We are still in the beginning stages and I can only say so much in print.  Email me back if you are ready to change the world with me and I'll share with you my vision.

I'm building a community of World Changers!  Ready to join me?