You know, yesterday I was thinking about closing loops and competition cross stitch, but I mentioned that open loops can also look like a porcupine.
I said that open loops can dangle in the breeze, draining little bits of you till there is not a high percentage of you left to work with.
Those open loops also can stick out like the quills of a porcupine to protect you from making the same mistakes again, but then you end up in that old joke…
How does a porcupine mate? Very carefully!
Without closing the loops we keep people and projects at a safe difference. We wonder why we can't succeed. We think we are taking all the action necessary to attract what we want, but all the while those quills are sticking out to push it further away.
I've noticed this in my business. Sometimes I'm ready to take on a new client or project, but I look at what I'm doing and some project I wanted to complete is dragging my attention away and I think, how can I take on more?
Of course I can't over commit, but often all I need is a simple action to close the loop.
I have an ongoing book project that I'm collecting stories for. It is not ready for me to devote massive attention, but I keep my ears pricked for new stories for the book and as I collect the stories, I close the loop for each section. That way I can allow that project continue without it draining my energy thinking – oh why haven't I finished that! or, I have to write that book before I can do anything else. I know that it will be finished when it is time, so I add to the design as I go and close each loop.
Close your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths and ask yourself, Where do I stick out like a porcupine? Your instant response IS the answer.
Now, give yourself permission to close the loop and let it be easy. Then ask yourself, How can I take one action close that loop today?
The answer may surprise you 🙂