makeup-green-black-feathersYou are here to bring the unique gift of YOU and the gift you are here to share and give may be way bigger than you ever thought.
Intimidating? It has been for me, but I've learned to lock onto the feeling of my own uniqueness and ask myself, “How can I be me in this moment? What one action can I do to be me RIGHT NOW?”
And the brave part – I take that action right then. Sometimes it is to smile with the overwhelming joy in being. Sometimes it is to give a kind word or complement to a friend or stranger. Sometimes it is to consider a whole new adventure.
But when I take action right then, something wonderful happens – my world expands and the universe responds, with a kind word in return, with an open door, and what I have to give to this world expands too.
So quick! Just then. What one action came to your mind to be YOU in This Moment? Do it! You are not alone and the more you are you, the greater gift you are to you, to me and to the world 🙂