manureSheepyou spread it around, encouraging Young Things to GROW!

Last night Chris and I were both getting ready to gear up for the next level and comparing notes on outsourcing labor.

I said that I like outsourcing to the Philippines because I feel good about supporting their economy thru IT outsourcing.  They can live well on what I can afford to pay and providing my service allows young ladies like Rissa to work for herself in an eco-friendly industry.

Its a small island after all and there are only so many regular jobs.  This way I'm helping another entrepreneur while helping myself.

And then I realized that I had been completely missing an important element of what I do…spreading Manure!

Because I am good at helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get the exposure and traction they need online and connecting with them, I can provide abundance for my entire organization for doing so.

I connect with the people who want to bring their dreams to the world and then pull together a team of dream makers and, in the process, make all our dreams come true.

I was doing the process, but missing the meaning and therefore my contribution to the world!

I grew up in Landscaping!  I know the importance of Manure!

So today I celebrate in gratitude that I'm a Manure Spreader and I'm ready to get out there and encourage more Young and Young at Heart to Grow!

Who are you fertilizing today?