Be Happy IS the manifestation…

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Laws of Attraction, Manifestation, Goal Setting, Vision statements…

Have you been spending the last few months of your life in intensive growth mode too? These is a lot of that going around and the world is so much better for it!

As I've been learning and going through the various distinctions with wonderful teachers like Jim Rohn, Mike Dooley and Mary Morrissey, I've gained better understand of the power I have over my life. It has been life transforming, but…

The goal setting and manifestation parts keep leaving this big BUT in my mind. There are so many wonderful opportunities and people out there I know nothing about. How can I say I want this specific thing when what will really make me happy is something that I don't even know exists!?

That's been really bothering me. I know that every time I change my mind I get in the way of the Universe manifesting what I asked for, so how do I get what will truly make me head over heels happy if I don't know what that is.

I thought I had it when I hit on the ‘Head over Heels Happy.' Focus on the feeling and the Universe/God/etc will provide what will give you that feeling.

(Let's skip the ‘what if killing someone makes you happy' and assume that we are all good shall we?)

Then the experts come in and say I have to be more specific. Except Mary Morrissey, who says, write down that which makes you exclaim ‘I would LOVE that!' then at the bottom write ‘This or something better.'

Because what we are getting at is the feeling tone, the vibration, that we want to send out and receive.

When I imagine X life, I feel expansive, overflowing with happiness, over heels in love! I want THIS feeling! I want to BE HAPPY!

Making the Vision Board, imagining the life is to evoke the Bubbling Over Happy feeling, and to evoke it NOW.

Be Happy NOW is the manifestation

And the more often we can feel it, the faster it comes.

We are visual animals and need an anchor, like a vision board or a picture of Kira and me laughing, to trigger the feeling so we remember.

Yesterday I drove thru a rainbow for the second time in 2 months and felt the colors pour through me.

Every afternoon the crystal in my window makes ‘Rainbow Time' in my room and I transcend (see my Instagram for a pic).

Today I pulled out my bracelet that makes rainbows every time the light hits it. Everytime I see it sparkle on my wrist, I'm anchored to the transcendent joy of Rainbow Time, the love, laughter and connection. Yes the Bubbling Happiness and I re-invoke the feeling…

Be Happy NOW! knowing that the feeling is manifesting ever greater heights of love and happiness right this instant 🙂



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