ichfaceJamie Lee Curtis wrote a great children's book, Today I feel Silly. I first heard it in a children's sermon at my church and loved it.

Some days I feel silly and that feels great!
Some days I feel icky (like when Kira puts slime on my hand – pic at right)

And some days I just don't want to get out of bed.  This weekend I got wonderful affirmations from great people that I'm a person of high value to them and the world, so why would I feel depressed.

I almost didn't let myself realize that I did not feel my own worth.  That even when external validation came in, it couldn't build me up if I didn't believe in myself.

So am I writing to you or to myself?  Me of course! lol

But to you too, because I also realized this weekend that if I don't share the lows as well as the highs, I'm doing us both a disservice.  Life isn't just about the highs, it's also about the days that should be kick ass, but something is just holding us back.

This morning I realized that in spite of all the development and growing I've been doing worked so well when things were going great, but one little hickup and I feel like I'm clawing my way up from the bottom again.  Darn!  Shoot!

But then I thought, this is great!  I get another opportunity to try again, but do it better this time!

And part of doing it better is sharing that process with you.  So this time I choose to keep going, to know that the Universe is supporting me, not me and not my shear will power.

On the way home from Dallas, I had a feeling I needed to stop and stand on the hillside with the wildflowers, so I did. But more on that tomorrow… 😉