TODAY Proceed without doubt!

May 17, 2013 | Dream Building | 0 comments

baby-steps1“If a farmer plants corn in her field, she knows that at the end of the season, she will harvest corn. She won’t starting doubting in the corn, worrying that tomatoes will pop up.
So it is in consciousness. What you focus on will manifest. If you doubt that process, you are out of harmony with the Law. Trust that what you plant is what you will harvest!
Today, proceed without doubt. Trust in your desires, and expect all good to come to you. You will eventually be harvesting the seeds you plant today, so plant wisely! Mary Morrissey”
We know that we reap what we sow, but some days are harder than others to sow the seeds that we want to grow.
We want to sow seeds of Love, Positivity and Success, but some days are harder than others to know that those sweet sweet crops WILL come up in time.
Today Mary gave us the key… TODAY proceed without doubt!
Don't try to do it for a week, or a year…Proceed without Doubt for a DAY! You can do anything for a day, so today, step out in confidence. Let doubt have a vacation. You can do it for a day!
Try it on and you will find it suits you just fine 🙂



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