What are you afraid to dream? The answer is likely the dream hiding in your blind spot!

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Do you ever feel like the Grinch?  I felt my heart expand 10 sizes in my chest when I just read this by Mary Morrissey…

“Today, I invite you to increase your capacity to surrender. To allow the power within you to guide your life by considering that the universe is eavesdropping on your every desire, wanting to give you the life you would love.
So what would you love?  To Your Power Realized!”
Once again, instant response is the answer!
I was flat out with a migraine this weekend.  The good part is that when I'm in that much pain, all the illusions and but fall away and I am completely honest with myself (as I always strive to be, but its a work in progress 😉
I told my good friend Kim that I was afraid to pick Artists and Entrepreneurs as my Tribe because then it wouldn't happen.  Kim, the incredible glass artist, looked at me in disbelief!  I'm sitting here visiting her and working with her because it isn't happening?!
My dream is already happening and I'm working with wonderful artists and small business owners, helping them bring their gifts to their clients and tribes, but my own self-doubt and fear was making me blind.
So, I have a very important question for you.
The question I’m about to ask you is actually the most powerful question there IS to take your life to the next level… Are you ready? 
Skip Reading and See the Answer Here ==>>INVENTING YOUR FUTURE<
Yes. That’s my question for you. It’s the only question that matters. Why?
Think about the Olympic athlete at the starting block… an image of pure READINESS. 
Every muscle flexed, prepared, mind in perfect focus. Ready to run. Ready to WIN. Ready to MAKE HISTORY. In an instant!
So let me ask you again: Are you ready?
My good friend and mentor Mary Morrissey, brilliant author, teacher, and dream-building specialist, is offering a special no-cost live video cast on April 27th:
“Inventing Your Future: 3 Secrets for Dispelling Uncertainty, Claiming Your Confidence, and Attracting Prosperity”
Mary will deliver extraordinary insights and stories of great thinkers and inventors from Thomas Edison to Henry Ford, explaining EXACTLY what they did to be ready to overcome obstacles AND invent the future.
PLUS – this part is AMAZING– Mary has a gift with your name on it worth $1450! But she only has a few of these to give away, so you need to register and join her LIVE to get yours.
So, are you ready:
To blow your own mind and catapult your results beyond anything you’ve ever created…? 
For a quantum leap that dissolves those frustrating obstacles in your way, permanently…?
To be remembered for giving your greatest legacy to the world…?
Then join Mary and find out how! 
If you haven’t heard of Mary, here are just a few of her credentials: 
Best-selling author of 3 books, had her own PBS special, created 2 multi-million dollar businesses, spoke 3 times at the United Nations, held week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, the list goes on and on…  
The bottom line is you will LOVE HER! And the strategies and techniques you will discover on this call will be your quantum leap to the next level, no matter how successful you are right now.
Spots are limited! You must register in advance for this webinar:
So get “ready”, and I’ll see you there!
PS Are you ready to make an unforgettable impact on the world? Join my friend Mary Morrissey on April 27th. She’ll give us amazing insights and stories about great minds like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison and how they did it in this special no-cost video cast “Inventing Your Future”. I always leave with lasting change.
PPS Mary has a special gift with your name on it worth $1450. But she only has a few of these to give away, so you need to register and join her LIVE to get yours!!

For more inspiration, see my book, "Igniting Dreams"

How 52 Weeks of Inspiration and Action Can Lead You to Your Dreams

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