What’s Your Theme?

Apr 8, 2013 | Dream Building | 0 comments

purplekayak<Que Rocky Themesong in the background!>

If you've gotten an email reply from my recently, you will have seen this in the signature:

“What one thing am I not doing, that if I did do would vastly improve my life six months from now?”  Your instant thought was the answer!  Rock on!
Our instant answer to questions, BEFORE our editor pops up and says BUT, is the answer from our Core.
Sure, you could spend ours drilling down, getting rid of your baggage and uncovering your reason for living… but I like the quick and dirty Surprise it out of You method 😉
So What's Your Theme?  Are you a Romance Novel and your Soul Mate is just around the corner?  Are you a comedy where everything seems to be falling apart, but with lots of laughter on their part, everything will come together in the end?
The moment I heard the question I started to hear the theme from ‘Rocky' playing in my head and I knew that my theme is The Big Comeback.
The great part of having been on top is that you have been there and know it is possible.  The soul-wrenching part is that you had it all, made mistakes and have to climb that mountain again.
And the fun part is the Training Montage!  Because you know, and I know that all the sweat and tears and people that tell you just to give up and be average, all melt away in the laser focus and we get to show them who's the champion in the end!
So what's your theme my friend?  Rock on!

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