Whose got the Power? or It’s not a pity party!!!

Mar 27, 2013 | Dream Building | 0 comments

ObserveThinkingI think by now you know the answer is You Do! We are all the center of our own Universe, spiritually speaking. At least we know it in our head…

It's not a Pity Party!

First, I fully give myself credit for being completely open with my spiritual mentor in laying out 2 parallel messes without making it a pity party.

Second, I fully give her credit on lovingly pointing out that I manifested both of those painful incidents AT THE SAME TIME in order to learn a deep lesson… I must Tell my Truth as I Stand in my Power.

Like Mary Morrissey says, we live in a Spiral Universe and we encounter the lessons we need to learn over and over, doing better with them each time. And while I did do much better, I was still unwilling to Stand in My Power and express my truth. Whether or not my truth was heard or understood, what matters is that opportunity for inner integrity, to be myself and to Stand for my truth even in – especially in – painful personal situations.

Third, It is no accident that this lesson comes to me in the Easter season when Jesus Stood and would not be moved from his truth. My mentor reminded me of Gandhi  Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr when I said that and thought of Dr. Frankel, stripped even of his wedding ring as his life's work was burned before him. And what was left for each of them?

The power to choose Love.
And they stood in that power and chose Love.

It's Good Friday in a couple of days and I've set myself a challenge – To know by the Good Friday service, What do I Stand for? What means more to me than the approval of others? What is more precious than Life itself, for it gives Life and Life abundantly?

Yes, it's an ambitious challenge, but the answer is there already. We are each born with it, the reason we are here.

All I have to do is choose to Listen and Stand in my Power.

Are you Listening?


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